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In advance: IKIGAI + Empathy and IKIGAI + Self-care E-Book

In advance: IKIGAI + Empathy and IKIGAI + Self-care E-Book

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This is a preview of our 20-page e-book with unique analogue photographs and illustrations around the topics of IKIGAI + Empathy and IKIGAI + Self-Care .

What can you expect in this e-book?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of IKIGAI, a Japanese philosophy of life that shows you how to find fulfillment and meaning in your life. This e-book offers you valuable insights and practical exercises to strengthen empathy and self-care.

Contents of the e-book:

  • Introduction to IKIGAI : Understand the fundamentals of this powerful philosophy.
  • Empathy and self-care : Learn how to develop compassion for yourself and others.
  • Practical exercises : Get guidance to foster self-compassion and interpersonal connections.
  • Illustrations and photographs : Enjoy the visual journey with unique images and works of art.

Photographs and design

This e-book is not only an informative guide, but also a visual one. The analogue photographs and illustrations make learning and reflecting an aesthetic experience. Whether as a gift for yourself or for someone you value, this e-book is a valuable asset for anyone looking for inner growth and harmony.

Bonus content:

  • Reflection questions : Deepen your understanding and find new perspectives.
  • Inspirational quotes : Let wise words accompany and motivate you.
  • IKIGAI Compass : Use this tool to find your own path to more self-compassion.

Customer feedback:

"This e-book helped me gain deeper insights into my own life and strengthen my relationships with others. The photographs and illustrations in particular inspired me." - Julia, June 2024

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In advance: IKIGAI + Empathy and IKIGAI + Self-care E-Book

Janis Gerl
Quality and inspiration


Julia Andrea Land-Schäfer
Great impulses

Thanks ;-)

Super Service

Thank you for always providing such great products for free! The download worked smoothly.